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How To Add a Comment on a PowerPoint Slide In 4 Easy Steps

Mar 07, 2023

Do you want to insert a comment on a particular presentation to ask questions or offer valuable feedback?

In this article, we will discuss how to:

  • Add comments in PowerPoint.

  • Edit comments in PowerPoint.

  • Delete comments in PowerPoint.

  • Hide and show comments in PowerPoint.


How to Add Comments on Your PowerPoint Presentation

Add comments.

You can easily insert a PowerPoint comment by following these steps:

  1. Select the PowerPoint slide where you want to add a comment.

    Select a PowerPoint slide where you want top add a comment
  2. Navigate and select the "Review" tab, and click the "New comment" section.

    Go to the "Review" tab and click "New Comment" option.
  3. Once the comments pane appears on your right side, type the comment you want to add to that PowerPoint slide.

    When the comments pane appears, start typing your comment on the particular comment box.
  4. Then after you've done typing, click the outer part of the comments pane or press enter to save it.

    after done typing, press enter to save your new comment on PowerPoint.

Edit comments.

If you want to edit a comment on your specific PowerPoint presentation slide:

  1. Click the PowerPoint presentation slide that has a comment you wish to edit.

    Click the comment icon on your PowerPoint slide to view comments you wish to edit.
  2. Select the "callout balloon" icon on your presentation and edit the text you type on the comment icon.

    In the comment pane, click the comment box to edit your PowerPoint comments.

Delete comments.

  1. Select the PowerPoint slide with a comment you want to delete.

    Select the PowerPoint slide you want to delete comment.
  2. Click the X mark to delete comments and close the comments pane in your PowerPoint.

    Click the X mark on the top corner of the comment box to delete a comment in PowerPoint.3. Select the delete comment icon in the comments group to delete comments in PowerPoint.

You can also select the delete button in the Comments group.

Note: If you want to delete all comments on your PowerPoint presentation, choose the "Delete" button arrow on the "Review tab under the comments group and select "delete all comments and ink in this Presentation."

Hide or show comments.

If you want to hide or show the comments:

  1. Select the comments icon and go to the "Review" tab.

    To hide a comment in PowerPoint, go to review tab and click the comment.
  2. Navigate and select "Show Comments" and click "Show Markup."

    Navigate and select "Show Comments" and click "Show Markup."
  3. Once you click it, you can hide comments in PowerPoint.

    after you uncheck "Show Markup" your comment will be hidden.
  4. Then select "Show Comments" to show comments back to the presentation.

    To show it again just simply click "Show Comments."

Final Thoughts on How to Add Comments to a PowerPoint Slide.

Using PowerPoint comments in someone's presentation, you can quickly add your feedback notes to help take their presentation to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Add a Comment to a PowerPoint Slide:

Can I share my comments on someone's PowerPoint presentation?

Yes. If you mention anyone in the comments pane, they can see your comment by clicking the link they receive in their email and selecting the "Go to Comments" pane.

Can someone edit the comment on my PowerPoint slides?

Yes, if you share your PowerPoint file and set the option to "Can edit" a comment.

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