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How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation With Audio

Mar 08, 2022

Microsoft PowerPoint has gone from strength to strength over recent years. Since Microsoft upgraded to Windows 10, more and more features have been added to PowerPoint, making it easier to create incredible presentations for work, college, or fun.

One great tool is the ability to record audio on a PowerPoint presentation. This article will show you how to record PowerPoint slides and take your slide show to all new heights.


Frequently Asked PowerPoint Presentation Questions?

How do I record a PowerPoint presentation as a video?

To record your PowerPoint slides as a video, head to the File menu, select Export, then Create a Video. A record button will appear here, allowing you to record a presentation.

How do I record a PowerPoint with audio?


Two Best Way To Record A PowerPoint Presentation with Narration

  1. Choose Record Slide Show to record your slide from the Slide Show tab.

  2. Select the audio, and a record button will appear.

  3. Press the button to record a presentation.

  4. You can record audio for each slide, so make sure you go to the next slide and repeat the process if you want to record sound for all your PowerPoint slides.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation With Audio?

How to Record Audio on Windows?


How to Narrate a PowerPoint Presentation (Step-by-Step)

To start recording audio for your PowerPoint slides on Windows, you need to make sure that you have a working microphone connected to your device. That could be a built-in laptop microphone or an external device.

It is also worth noting that if you are using an older version of PowerPoint, you should update your version or struggle to record narration for your PowerPoint slides.

  • To start, select one of the beautiful pre-made Simple Slide templates. A pre-made template will save you significant time and hassle trying to design PowerPoint slides from scratch.

  • Select the Slide Show tab once you are happy with your presentation slides.


Narration in Microsoft Powerpoint | IT Services

  • Select Record Slide Show. Be aware that the audio may begin recording immediately if you are on an older version of PowerPoint. This step-by-step guide still works, but you have less control over the recording. 

  • Next, click on the Record from Beginning or Record from Current slide option, whichever suits your presentation the best.

  • It is worth noting that any recording can be re-done by selecting Record Slide Show and choosing Record from Current Slide.

  • To start recording your voice, click on the red button.

  • You should see a three-second countdown before your slides start recording.

  • QUICK TIP: Avoid explaining text your audience will see on the slide when recording your narration. Instead, use it to add extra information to your presentation slides.

  • Select the Advance to the Next Animation or Slide button to move to the next slide.

  • To finish recording, press the Escape button in the top right-hand corner.

How to record audio on a Mac?

 If you are operating from a Mac rather than Windows, the following steps will show you how to add audio to your presentation.

  • Firstly, design the perfect temple for recorded audio to get added to. To save time, check out the incredible templates at Simple Slides.

  • Once you are happy with your document

  • Select the Slide Show tab


Audio Presentations | MyCumbria

  • Click Record Slide Show

  • Before you start recording, check the narration setup is as you want it to be

  • Select the red recording button to activate your microphone and begin your narration.

  • Stop talking briefly so the audio does not cut out between slides. Once the time starts moving below the Current Slide Timing feature, you can restart your narration.


How to Record Voice Narration for Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation -  dummies

  • Hit the Stop or Pause buttons and End Show to end your narration.

  • You can check your recording by hitting the Play from Start button in the Slide Show tab.

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