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How Many PowerPoint Slides for a 10 Minute Presentation

Apr 29, 2022

Regardless of whether they are for school or a business project, presentations are a major part of our lives. One of the first things you will likely consider when you are assigned a presentation is how long it needs to be to meet the requirements and keep the audience's attention.

Obviously, one slide is not normally enough, but how many slides are correct? A few slides? Eight slides? More slides?

Unfortunately, this question does not have an easy answer. This article will show you how many slides you should include in a ten-minute presentation to keep your audience interested. If you like these PowerPoint tips, be sure to check out other tutorials from Simple Slides.

Be sure to take the key points in this article, choose the right number of slides for your speaking time, and make sure there is relevant content on your PowerPoint slides.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 10 20 30 rule in PowerPoint?

The 10/20/30 rule in PowerPoint is a simple concept. A PowerPoint presentation should never be longer than 10 or more slides, more than 20 minutes long, or use fonts smaller than 30-point size.

This rule is an excellent way to keep your PowerPoint presentation on track. Sure, there are times when longer presentations are required and your time frame changes, but ultimately this is a good rule to stick to for the allotted time for many presenters.

How do you decide what number of slides is suitable for a 10-minute presentation?

There are a number of factors to consider when you are making your next presentation which is ten minutes or less. How much content do you need to include, how many topics are you covering, and how many key points do you need to cover? These are all aspects you need to think about.

How long does it take to present ten slides?

How long a presentation of 10 slides takes depends entirely on the content in your presentation. If presentations are full of detailed information, they will be longer presentations, whether there are many slides or not.

A single slide presentation or a presentation with two slides could be longer than a ten slide presentation that takes the minimalist approach. The number of slides does impact the timing, but it isn't the only factor.

How Many Slides for a 10-minute Presentation?

Let's start our focus on the answer to the most common question for any presentation: "How many slides should there be in a ten-minute presentation."

A ten-minute presentation is quite common, although a 20-minute presentation is a little bit more common. However, sometimes ten minutes is all the time you have to work with! It is common to do a ten-minute presentation as part of a weekly stand up or as part of a project or meeting.

Tips for Creating a Short Presentation

For short presentations, it is a good rule of thumb to limit the number of slides you include. Realistically, you shouldn't really need more than ten slides. You might even get away with less than ten!

A 10-minute presentation needs to be snappy and get to the point so you keep your audience's attention. There needs to be a visual flow from each slide.

Bear in mind you will cover a couple of slides each minute, so a good way to display content is with bullet points that both you and your audience can understand.

For the best ten minute presentation, try and keep it to one main point per slide. You don't have time in a ten-minute presentation to do more than that.

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