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8 Best Presentation Ideas For Interviews

careeradvice hiring interviewtips jobinterview jobsearch Apr 16, 2023

Do you want the best presentation ideas for interviews?

Today, we'll share tips on how you can stand out from a pool of competitive candidates.

In this blog post, we will go through the following tips:

  • Create a plan
  • Discuss your career achievements
  • Share your weekend activities
  • Talk about industry trends
  • Provide appropriate solutions to common issues
  • Be creative
  • Be authentic
  • Provide a hard copy of your interview presentation
  • What to Avoid in Interview Presentations
  • Final Thoughts on Presentation Ideas for Interviews

Unique Interview Presentation Ideas to Land Your Dream Job

Think any ideas about job interview presentation examples

It would be best if you had a winning interview presentation to make a good impression on the hiring manager. Here are some ways you can ace that meeting:

1. Create a plan

Create a plan for showcasing your key skills

Hiring managers expect candidates to come prepared. So, before your presentation interview, research the company and read the job description thoroughly. This way, you know how to answer questions effectively. 

2. Discuss your career achievements

Most interview panels want each job seeker to present their biggest career accomplishments. You can include your educational background and the skills you've earned through the years. 

Interview presentation topics always include career achievements. So, we recommend writing down the problems you've solved in your previous job. 

3. Share your weekend activities

When hiring managers ask about your hobbies, they want to know more about you. They might even want to know how likely you'll participate in extracurricular activities after work. They could decide if you would be an excellent addition to the current team based on the presentation you give.

4. Talk about industry trends

By including industry trends in your interview presentation topics, your employer can assess that you stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends.

Consider employing abstract and futuristic thinking to suggest how a certain trend might affect the organization in the long run.

5. Provide appropriate solutions to common issues

Let's say you're applying for a sales associate position. You can use your presentation to show how to resolve a frequent problem the company or department encounters.

Then, after outlining the problem, go into more detail and provide several potential remedies.

6. Be creative

Be creative infront of the business leaders

Your interview panel has probably gone through a lot of job interview presentations. So, remember to be creative and insightful in crafting interview presentation topics.

Show off your critical thinking skills on your interview presentation slides by answering these questions:

  • What would you change if someone hired you?

  • How would you stand out within the organization?

  • What tools, technologies, and resources enable you to produce top-notch results?

  • Do they have a preferred presentation style interview?

  • Can you create case studies on prior career accomplishments?

You should also emphasize in your interview how you can improve things. A unique and compelling interview presentation template can give you the edge over other candidates.

So, visit Simple Slide to get PowerPoint templates for interview presentations!

7. Be authentic

Be authentic on discussing job interview presentation example

To create an impact during the hiring process, confidently showcase your experience and skills. Even so, don't sound like you're exaggerating things. Instead, be authentic and honest about your capabilities and what you can achieve when they hire you.

Being sincere lets the hiring manager see what to expect once you start working for the company.

8. Provide a hard copy of your interview presentation

Provide handouts to your interview panel and keep eye contact

Aside from presenting your interview presentation on your slide deck, providing handouts can help your employers visualize your ideas and capabilities.

By creating an interview presentation material, you achieve the following:

  • Provide a storyline for your presentation with clarity

  • Pitch your track record in planning and organization

  • Make your interview presentation memorable

  • Give concise answers to your hiring manager by highlighting your key abilities

What to Avoid in Interview Presentations

Things you must avoid doing in an intervierw presentation.

Imagine you're one step away from your dream job and want everything to flow perfectly in your favor. Here are some things you should avoid to secure that position:

  1. Being late

  2. Not doing your company research

  3. Dressing inappropriately

  4. Criticizing your former company and the one you're applying for

  5. Coming unprepared

  6. Using poor body language

  7. Answering vaguely or rambling

  8. Bragging too much about your achievements

Final Thoughts on Presentation Ideas for Interviews

We've shared the presentation ideas for interviews that will help you land your dream job. Following our tips and creating eye-catching slides will boost your chances of getting hired.

Subscribe to the Simple Slides YouTube channel for more presentation tutorials. Keep reading our blog for more tips and updates on the various presentation tools!

Frequently Ask Questions About Ideas For Your Presentation Interview:

What is an interview presentation?

Interview presentations are brief persuasive speeches that job seekers deliver during an interview or assessment day.

What is the 5/5/5 rule in a presentation?

The 5/5/5 rule in presentations is five words on a single line, five lines of text on a single slide, and five slides that apply the first two rules in a row.

What interview presentation topics might I use to stand out against other candidates?

Aside from the available topics above about interview presentations, you can also discuss the new technology in the industry. This way, you can highlight your awareness and innovative approach to work.

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