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Top 8 Presentation Ideas to Make Your Content Stand Out

Apr 11, 2023

Are you looking for presentation ideas for making creative slides?

Search no further because this blog post is all you need. We'll share useful tricks for creating appealing and informative PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. 

Today, we'll discuss the following tips:

  • Use a simple presentation template

  • Use the best color scheme

  • Use an eye-catching background photo

  • Use different slide layouts for your presentation

  • Use consistent fonts

  • Use exciting transitions and animation for your slides

  • Use creative icons for your key points

  • Tell a story

Creative Presentation Ideas for Your Content

Here are some presentation ideas you can use to create compelling content on PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or Canva:

1. Use a simple presentation template.

The best place to start is with a simple presentation template. You can create a unique and compelling presentation with enough data and visuals for your slides.

Do you prefer watching video tutorials on presentations? Check out PowerPoint presentation ideas on YouTube!

Choosing the best presentation template for your PowerPoint slides.

2. Use the best color scheme.

Exploring the best color combination for your slides can bring your presentation to the next level.

Remember that choosing the right color scheme is crucial in communicating your ideas. In the corporate setting, it's best to stick to specific palettes that represent the values and branding of a company.

One example would be using a two-toned design with various accents that complement your presentation's background and interactive elements. 

Note: Incorporate the color scheme throughout your presentation to ensure consistency.

Color scheme

3. Use an eye-catching background photo.

A captivating background can also be another factor in achieving a stunning presentation. You can capture your audience's attention and evoke emotions by choosing the right background image or color gradient.

According to an MIT study,  humans process images in 13 milliseconds. So, having a good background image can effectively convey your message.

4. Use different slide layouts for your presentation.

One of the best presentation ideas to keep your audience engaged is to use different layouts for your slide deck. Doing so will keep people glued to every slide. 

If you struggle to create your slides, get your presentation templates today from Simple Slides. We have customizable templates and slides with different layouts and infographics. So you can easily find the design that matches your needs.

Using different slide layouts for your presentation idea

5. Use consistent fonts.

Inconsistent font styles can be tiring to the eyes. So, to ensure that your slides are easy to read, use the same font throughout your presentation. 

Make sure that your font matches your creative presentation ideas and messages. This way, you can avoid confusing or misleading your audience. 

Using a consistent fonts in your most presentations.

6. Use exciting transitions and animation for your slides.

Another way to maintain audience engagement throughout your presentation is by using exciting transitions and animations.

But, avoid unnecessary transitions because they can distract your audience, taking them away from the true message of your presentation.

Make sure you use transitions and animations sparingly to keep your presentation professional. 

Different exciting transition but not exaggerated on your slide.

7. Use creative icons for your key points.

Another way to enhance your presentation design is by using icons to highlight the key message.

With icons, you can highlight important topics. Icons have a lasting effect on viewers because they provide a visual and more tangible representation of ideas. 

Icons for concise data representation.

8. Tell a story.

You can also increase audience engagement by crafting a compelling story in your presentation. Stories are more interesting than stating a fact because they also serve to entertain.

Moreover, storytelling grabs and keeps the audience's attention. Instead of presenting your business presentation in a series full of boring facts, organize your topics into a story. 

Organize your presentation into a storyline.

Final Thoughts on Innovative Presentation Ideas for PowerPoint and Google Slides

You can enhance your next presentation by following our slideshow tips. After all, well-crafted presentation ideas can communicate your professionalism or brand quality.

Are you looking for a customizable and pre-design template for your business presentation? Visit Simple Slides and access our presentation templates, slides, and infographics collection! For more How-to blog posts, visit the Simple Slides page or follow us on Facebook!

Frequently Asked Questions About Presentation Ideas to Engage Your Audience's Attention:

What are the five types of presentation?

The five common types of presentation are:

  1. Informative
  2. Instructional
  3. Decision-making
  4. Persuasive
  5. Motivational

What is a creative presentation idea?

Using great templates and organizing your presentation storyline, transitions, and animations are ways to add creativity to your content.

What are the five P's in a presentation?

The five P's to remember while creating your slideshows are:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Practice
  4. Performance
  5. Passion

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