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Google Slides: Loop Video in 2 Ways

digital media dynamic presentations google slides looping videos productivity tools. visual communication May 31, 2023

Do you want to know how the Google Slides loop video works? 

Multimedia presentations in classrooms can increase engagement. You can make them even more interesting by learning to loop videos in your slides. 

In this blog post, we will go through the following:

  • Loop a Google Slides presentation without publishing

  • Loop your Google Slides when you “publish to the Web” 

  • Frequently asked questions about looping a Google Slides presentation

Loop a Google Slides Presentation Without Publishing

To enable the loop option on your Google Slides presentation, here's what you have to do:

  1. On Google Chrome, click Google Apps and select "Google Slides."

    Click Google Apps button and select Slides
  2. Select an existing presentation where you want to use the loop feature.

    select an existing Google Slides
  3. At the upper-right corner of your Google Slides presentation, click the "Slideshow" button beside the "Share" options.

    Then click slideshow option
  4. Navigate to the lower-left corner of your presentation, click the three-dot icon, and select "Autoplay" from the pop-up menu.

    Click the three-dots menu and click auto-play option

    From the "Autoplay" option pop-up menu, choose a duration for each slide of your presentation and click "loop."

    select a duration and click Loop
  5. To check that your presentation is looping properly, click "Play."

    click Play button.

You can also check out our post on how to loop Microsoft PowerPoint.

Loop Your Google Slides When You “Publish to the Web” 

Another way to loop your slides whenever you reach the end of your presentation is by using "Publish to the Web." Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation and click "File" on the menu bar.

    Select file menu bar
  2. Select the "Share" option from the drop-down menu and choose "Publish to the Web."

    From the drop-down menu of file menu, click Share and select "Publish to the Web."
  3. When the "Publish to the Web" window appears, click the "link" tab.

    Select the Link tab
  4. Under the "Auto-advance slides," choose the playing duration for each slide.

    select a duration under
  5. Then, select the boxes beside "Start slideshow as soon as the player loads" and "Restart the slideshow after the last slide."

    check the two box under the duration of your slide
  6. After marking each box, click the "Publish" button to get the link for your embedded slideshow.

    then click Publish

Note: Learn how to embed Google Slides for more detailed instructions.

Final Thoughts on How to Loop Google Slides Presentations

Learning the above methods lets you easily auto-play and loop your Google Slides. Knowing this essential Google Slides feature helps you deliver an effective presentation without the hassle of clicking to get to the next slide.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Looping a Google Slides Presentation:

What are the keyboard shortcut keys to open the "File" menu?

To open the "File" menu using shortcut keys, press Alt + F or Alt + Shift + F.

What is the benefit of marking "restart the slideshow after the last slide?"

By marking the box beside "restart the slideshow after the last slide," you enable automatic looping for your presentation.

What are the benefits of publishing your presentation on the web?

The following are the benefits of using the "Publish to the Web" feature in Google Slides:

  • It makes your presentation more interactive

  • It improves time-efficiency

  • It enables compatibility for any users

  • It lets you connect to a broader audience

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