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How to Play Videos on Multiple Slides

play videos in powerpoint powerpoint tips May 17, 2021

Video is a useful tool for creating engaging presentations. Many people aren’t familiar enough with PowerPoint to actually integrate a video into their presentation without it causing some sort of hiccup or awkwardness due to not timing or creating settings around their video. 

This tutorial will walk you through How to Play Videos on Multiple Slides.

For this demonstration, we’re going to use a Simple Slides template called Clean. I conveniently copied this slide and pasted it to a new presentation. 

I went ahead and made four multiple copies of the slide. I also went ahead and changed the background color and transitions for clarity. 

I have removed the picture box on the right side, which is where I intend to put our video. The plan is to insert a video and make it play across three slides. I also added a fourth slide that has a picture on the right, just as an extra piece. 

First, let’s show you how easy it is to insert a video. 

On the tools ribbon above, select Insert, and then click on the Video button found on the upper-right of the screen.

It will give you an option to either choose Online Video or Video on My PC. In this case, I chose the latter.

Select the video you want to use and voila! After inserting the video, you can adjust its size like how you would adjust the size of a picture or shape. as well as drag it around to your selected location. 

Clicking on the video also gives you options to adjust your video, which is found on the two new buttons under Video Tools. I want the video to have no sound, so I went ahead and clicked Playback, then clicked the volume button and selected Mute.

Once everything is ready, set the animation settings for our video. Click on the video, and from the tools ribbon above, click ANIMATIONS

Make sure to click on the play button in case yours is still on pause. That way, our video instantly plays without the need to click during presentations.

Under Animations, click on the button that says Animation Pane to insert this side panel where you can edit the effects of certain images, text, shapes and even videos. 


Now let’s select our video from the panel and click on the tiny inverted triangle button which will give us a dropdown containing some options. 

You can set when you want the video to start playing using the three options labeled Start On Click, Start With Previous and Start After Previous. In this case, I chose Start After Previous, that way, the video automatically plays since it will be the next command after the initial transition of the slide.

In order to have our video play throughout the other two slides, click on the inverted triangle again and from the dropdown, select Effect Options. A pop-up will appear containing two sub tabs labeled Effect and Timing

In order to get the effect we want, let us proceed to the Effect tab. There are options we can adjust to set when to start playing and end our video as well as additional enhancements. 

In order for us to play the video on three slides, go to the subgroup labeled Stop Playing and then click on the After button, which will allow you to put in the number of slides you want the video to play through. In this case, I placed three inside the box.

You can do some other manipulations on the Effects tab as well as on the Timing tab. Once you’re satisfied, just click on OK and your adjustments are all set. 

Now, you can easily integrate videos into your presentation to further engage your audience without hiccups from having to start and stop the video in the middle of your talk. 

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