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How to Make a Bitmoji Classroom Using PowerPoint

how to make a bitmoji Apr 13, 2021

Any parent with kids in grade school can attest to the difficulty of virtual learning. Attracting and retaining a child’s attention in a classroom is hard enough, let alone from the comfort of their own home with distractions and boredom. Teachers are an innovative bunch and birthed Bitmoji Classrooms, to help students see the agenda and resources for each day in a novel way. 

Virtual classrooms create a fun and interactive option to display your presentations. Usually, these include elements as chalkboards or whiteboards along with furniture and other interesting design pieces of your choice.

In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through creating a Bitmoji Classroom step-by-step. 

As you can see, it’s a simple virtual classroom composed of elements such as a chalkboard, a table, a laptop, a book, a bookshelf, a clock, a bulletin board with an attached hyperlink, a television with a video inside, and of course, our little Bitmoji. 

The first thing I did was open Google and search for wall and floor backgrounds. As you can see, there are a lot of different wall and floor backgrounds you can use, but for our example, I have chosen this design. All we have to do now is right click and select Copy Image.

Then, Paste the copied image on an empty slide. Position the background and scale it by dragging its edges so that it can fit the whole slide. It’s ok if it’s a little stretched.

Now let’s add our Bitmoji. 

Once you have downloaded the Bitmoji App and created your avatar on your phone, you must download the Bitmoji Extension on Google Chrome. 

Once installed, click on the extension button on the upper right and select the Bitmoji Extension. Here you have tons of Bitmoji Stickers to choose from and even a search bar at the top if you want to look for specific poses.

I chose this standing Bitmoji with the three hearts. Right click and select Copy image, then go to your slide and Paste the Bitmoji. 

Here, you can scale the Bitmoji to the size you want. I don’t want these three hearts so I decided to crop them out.

Just go to format, select crop image and crop the image to your liking. 

Now, let’s add a chalkboard. Go to Google and type in chalkboard PNG. Make sure to end your searched items with PNG or Transparent so that you get image results that have a transparent background. 

I have already picked out our chalkboard PNG as well as other elements with transparent backgrounds beforehand. Just Copy the image and Paste it on the slide. Afterwards, you can move it around to reposition the image as well as scale it to the size of your liking. 

As you can see, the chalkboard seems to be overlapping our Bitmoji. To fix this, right click on the Bitmoji and select Bring to Front.

That way, our Bitmoji will be on top of the chalkboard. 

Now for the table. Just like the chalkboard, search for table PNG and choose an image with no background. Once selected, copy the image and paste it on our slide. Resize and reposition the image to your preference. 

Do the same process to the laptop, book, bookshelf, bulletin board, clock, rug and television.

Now, I want to add a video inside our television screen. To do this, go to Insert, click Video and select Online Video.

From there, I selected YouTube and then searched for the video that I desired. Once selected and inserted, I resized the video to fit exactly inside the Television. 

You can also add texts on your Bitmoji classroom. I will add a text and place it inside the chalkboard. Simply go to Insert, then Shapes. From there, select Add Textbox. In the textbox, place the text that you wish to display, then resize and reposition as necessary.

Now, I will add another textbox which I will place inside the bulletin board.

This one will be hyperlinked to a web address. To do this, simply type in your text, resize it and reposition it inside the board. Once done, click on the textbox or highlight the entire text, then right click and select Hyperlink.

From there, go to Existing File or Web Page. Place your web address on the tab below labeled Address. I copied the link to Simple Slide’s YouTube Channel and placed it there. Then hit Ok. As you can see, the text has now been hyperlinked. Clicking on it during a presentation takes you to the web address you entered. 

Now, you can create your very own Bitmoji Classroom.

We also have 100+ slides you can use so you don’t have to create each slide individually. 

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