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How to Connect Your PowerPoint to OneDrive / The Cloud

connect powerpoint to onedrive powerpoint tips May 12, 2021

Saving your presentation to a desktop is usually fine, but what if we need to access it from our work computer? Or unexpectedly have to make changes while at a friends house?

Ensuring your PowerPoint presentation is accessible from anywhere with internet access will help you not worry about where and when you need to work on it. In this article, we’re going to walk you through how to save your presentation to OneDrive. 

Here is a sample template from one of our slide packs. This one is called Broadway

Let’s say I finished making my slideshow and want to save it. There are plenty of ways to store your presentation. You can store them on your PC, or on external devices such as a hard drive or memory stick. 

However, there exists a more convenient way to store your files using the cloud. This is called cloud storage. Cloud storage is a storage space available to store data on remote servers which can be accessed from the cloud or the internet.

And one good example of cloud storage is Microsoft OneDrive. But first, in order to link our presentations to this cloud storage, we must first make an account. 

To register, you can search Microsoft OneDrive on the internet to get to the website for signing up or you can directly go there from your PowerPoint Window by clicking File then Save As

From there, select OneDrive and choose either to sign up if you have no account or sign in if you already have one. For those with no accounts yet, click on sign up and a new internet tab will immediately pop up for you to sign up for a OneDrive account. Signing up is free and only needs your email and verification. 

Once signed in, you can now access OneDrive and store your files here. This is what OneDrive’s interface looks like.

Going back to our slide, let’s go ahead and sign in with our new account. Click on Sign In and a pop up window will ask for your email or phone number and password. Input the needed details and it will automatically connect your file to OneDrive.

As you can see, the OneDrive icon has changed and clicking it allows you to browse the contents of your OneDrive account as well as save files for storage. Let’s save our file here outside of the folders. 

That’s it. You have just connected your presentation to OneDrive and have stored your file in the cloud. Let’s go to our OneDrive page to see our saved file. 

As you can see, the file is up on our OneDrive account and we can select and open it anywhere just by accessing it via the internet.

We can choose to click our file which will send us to a new internet tab we can use to do some edits as well as do presentations without the need of the actual PowerPoint software.

We can also right click on our file and select Download to get a copy of our slides anywhere and any device.

For more spectacular tips on utilizing PowerPoint, follow us on YouTube or read more about How to Use Slide Master and How to Add Pop-Up Text to your presentations.

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