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How to Add Sections on PowerPoint

add sections powerpoint tips May 19, 2021

The best stories often follow a similar pattern; beginning, middle, and end. A presentation is no different--it’s usually broken into sections that help the audience follow along.

This tutorial will walk you through How to Add Sections to Your PowerPoint

For example, here is a Simple Slides template about Agriculture. It has 28 slides that can cover various topics once information has been inputted. 

To make our presentation more organized, we can divide them into sections. 

There are two different ways to do this. If you look at these two tools at the bottom right corner of your window, you can see a button that says Normal and another that says Slide Sorter.

The view we have at the moment is the Normal one, but we can also have this view using the Slide Sorter. There is nothing special with the Slide Sorter view, but it will change once we have created our sections.

We can divide these slides into sections using the first method through Normal View. Since this is just a template with no accurate information, let’s pretend that slides 1 to 4 cover the introduction of the presentation. 

Adding sections is very easy. All we have to do is right-click on the slide you identify as the start of a section, then select Add Section. A collapsible button named Untitled Section appears above the chosen slide. To rename it, right-click on the button and select Rename Section

Let’s label this section as “Introduction.”

Since we only have one section, the “Introduction” section technically covers all the slides. 

We have to make our second section, which covers slides 5 to 16. Again, this is just an example, so let’s imagine these slides talk about the company. 

Like the first one, let us choose our slide, in this case, slide number 5, right-click on it, then select Add Section. Once the “Untitled Section” appears, right-click on that once again and select Rename Section. Let’s label this section “About the Company.” 

Here’s a nifty part about adding sections. 

Since slides 1 through 4 are separated from the rest, we can go over the section button and collapse or expand this button to show or hide slides 1 through 4. 

Our second section, however, comprises the rest of the slides and not just slides 5 to 16, which means toggling the button will show or hide slides 5 to 28. 

Let’s finish off the last two sections to make our organization complete. Let’s say slides 17 to 23 are about “Company Facts.” To make this section, right-click on slide number 17 and select Add Section. Once the button appears, right-click on it again and select Rename Section. Let’s label this as “Company Facts.”

Let’s do the same for our final section, slides 24 to 28. Right-click on slide number 24 and choose to Add Section. Then, right-click on the Untitled Section button and select Rename Section. Let’s label this section “Statistics.” 

Now that all the sections are complete, we can collapse and expand each for a more organized view. We can hide or show slides 1 to 4, 5 to 16, 17 to 23, and 24 to 28. 

Before we add sections using the second view, let’s check out what happened to the slides in Slide Sorter after dividing our slides into sections. As you can see, the slides have now been arranged and grouped according to section. See how clean that makes your Presentation?

For the second method of adding sections, let’s click on Slide Sorter

The process is very similar to the first one. We can right-click on the slide you want to be the initial slide for your section and select Add Section. Once done, right-click that “Untitled Section” button, select Rename Section, and rename as you see fit. 

Like the first method, slides 1 to 4 are our “Introduction” slides, slides 5 to 16 are labeled “About the Company,” slides 17 to 23 are labeled “Company Facts,” and lastly, 24 to 28 are labeled “Statistics.”

Using Sections in your presentation, you can develop your story in a way that will make sense to you and your audience. 

For more spectacular tips on utilizing PowerPoint, follow us on YouTube or read about How to Use Slide Master and How to Add Pop-Up Text to your presentations.

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