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How to Add a Watermark to PowerPoint: Everything You Need to Know

Feb 03, 2023

Do you need help discovering how to add a watermark to PowerPoint presentations?

Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerPoint doesn't have a watermark option in the slide presentation software, unlike Microsoft Word.

However, you can use different methods to add a watermark to PowerPoint and attain the same results.

In this article, we will cover the following:

  • How to apply a watermark on all your slides.
  • How to add a watermark in PowerPoint on selected slides.
  • How to put an image or company logo as a watermark on PowerPoint.
  • How to convert your watermark text to an image watermark.

Create a Watermark In PowerPoint 2010 and Older Versions

Applying a watermark on all your slides.

To add a watermark to PowerPoint to the Parent Slide in the document, you should open the "Slide Master" view tab, then;

  1. Open your PowerPoint Presentation.

  2. Go to the "View" menu and select the "Slide Master" tab.

    In your MS PowerPoint, Go to "View" and click "Slide Master" tab.
  3. Click the "Insert" tab, either select and use the "text box" option for standard text or click the "WordArt" option to add rich text.

    Click "Insert" tab, look for "text box." or click "wordart"
  4. After you drag the text box or WordArt elements into your Slide Master, enter the word you want to use as your watermark in PowerPoint.

    Drag and write the phrases or words you want to put in the "text box"
  5. After correctly positioning it, you must push it behind the slide's content. By selecting the "Format" tab right under "Picture tools," Click "Send to Back" and choose the option "Send Backward"/ use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+].

    Go to "Format" pane then look for "Send Backward" and select "Send to Back"

You can also adjust the position of your watermark even after you add it.

When the pointer becomes a "+," drag the text box or WordArt to a new location by clicking the text box or WordArt.

Note: You could also click "Parent slide" at the top of the thumbnail pane in the older versions of PowerPoint to apply a watermark on all your slides.

How to add a watermark in PowerPoint on selected slides.

  1. From the "View" tab, click "slide master."Go to "View" tab, and select "Slide Master"
  2. Choose the specific Child slide for your watermark.

    In your slide master view, select for the specific individual slides where you want to add watermark.
  3. Select the "Insert" tab, then press "Text box" or "Picture" for the watermark.

    Go to "Insert" tab, and click "text box" or "WordArt."
  4. Suppose you're utilizing a text box; type the phrase or company name you want to use as a text watermark in PowerPoint.

    Input the word you want to use as your watermark.
  5. Put the text watermark in your desired position or drag it to a specific spot.

    Drag and position your watermark.
  6. Please copy the text watermark and paste it on the selected Child Slides in your PowerPoint.

    Copy and paste the watermark on your selected slides.
  7. To put your PowerPoint watermark on the background, click the "Format" pane under the "Drawing Tools," then find and select the "Send to Back" option.

    To put your watermark in the background, in "Format, then click "Send backward and select "send to back"

You can modify the text watermark for better readability, such as the transparency slider, font, size, and color.

By clicking the text box, select the "Format" tab under the "Drawing tools."

How to put an image or company logo as a watermark on PowerPoint.

  1. Right-click on a clear area in your PowerPoint slide, then choose "Format Background."

    On the clear area of your presentation, press right-click on your mouse and select "Format Background"

  2. On the "Format Background" pane, select "picture or texture fill."

    in the "Format Background," select "Picture or texture fill."
  3. In the "Insert picture from" section, you can specify where to get the image or company logo you want to put as your watermark.

  • If you put an image from the web, choose the "Online" option

  • If you use a stored image in your local storage file, click "File."

    If your using a downloadable image, Go to your drive and select the picture then press "Insert"

  1. Suppose the image watermark has empowered the readability of your slide. In that case, you can adjust its effect by clicking the image, selecting "Transparency," and choosing your desired result for the watermark.

  2. To apply the watermark on all your presentation slides, click "Apply to All," Then close the "Format Background" window.

    After you insert the image, you can modify it's "transparency" then click "apply to all."

How to convert your watermark text to an image watermark.

Suppose you create a watermark in a text box, and you need to convert the text box to an image or table cell before locking through;

  1. Click the text watermark in PowerPoint slides and press "Ctrl+C" or copy the text box, then put it as a "Slide Background" image to your presentation.

    Copy the "text box"
  2. Right-click any slide in your PowerPoint and choose from the "Paste options," then paste it as a picture.

    Right-click any area in you slide and in the paste option choose "paste as image"
  3. Click the image watermark and select "Send to Back" in the formatting pane.

    Select the watermark that's sets as image and go to "Format" then select "Send to back" in "send backward"
  4. Once you add watermarks as your slide background image, you can freely click and delete the original (text/image) you used.

After you add water to your presentation, you can freely click and delete the original (text/image) you used.

Final Thoughts on How to Add a Watermark to PowerPoint.

Now you have all the different ways to add a watermark to your PowerPoint presentation!

For more great PowerPoint tips and tricks, be sure to check out the related articles linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Add a Watermark:

Why add a watermark in PowerPoint?

  1. To secure your PowerPoint from copyright.

  2. To specify that your PowerPoint is still in draft

  3. Acknowledge some ownership or licensing of branding on your company name or logo.

How can I lock a watermark into my PowerPoint presentation?

  1. Save the file and click the image watermark on PowerPoint.
  2. Go to the "Slide Master" tab
  3. Click "Lock Shapes."
  4. After you select "Lock Shapes," a pop-up window will appear to confirm your action. Click "yes" to continue.

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