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How to Set Transparency for Images and Text on Microsoft PowerPoint

powerpoint tips transparency for images and texts powerpoint May 24, 2021

We’ve all made a presentation wanting to combine certain elements for them to just not fit together. Often, they are so close to complimenting each other but clash because of colors. By changing transparency on images or text, you can use those same elements but edit them so they work together. 

In this tutorial, we do a step-by-step walkthrough of How to Set Transparency for Images, Shape and Text on Microsoft PowerPoint

Let’s dive right into it.

For shapes like a rectangle, right click on the object, then go to Format Shape. Under shape options, go to Fill & Line.

There are 2 transparency options, one for fill and one for line. You can set the transparency of your shape’s filler color as well as its outline color. Adjust the transparency setting according to your liking by dragging the slider. 

Here is a custom ghost shape that I want superimposed on the text box beside it while still being able to read the words. How do we do it?

First, place the shape over the text box to your desired position. Then, to make the ghost transparent, simply right click on the object, go to Format Shape, under shape options go to Fill & Line, look for the Transparency sliders and simply adjust the fill and line transparency to your liking. Simple.

Now how about texts? Almost the same process applies in making texts transparent. The only difference is after right clicking on the object and selecting Format Shape, we instead go to the Text Options and look for our Fill and Line transparency sliders. Then, adjust transparency as usual.

Finally, let’s move to pictures, which is a little more tricky. Notice if you right click, go to Format Picture, the Transparency sliders are not available under Fill and Line. 

To set the picture’s transparency, insert it first on a shape. To do this, we must first make a shape then under Format, select shape fill and go to Picture. Select your picture and it will then be filled on the shape. Now you can set its transparency as usual. 

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