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What is Apple Keynote: The Complete Guide

Apr 28, 2022

For Microsoft Word, there are Apple Pages. For Microsoft Excel, you have Apple Numbers.

And for PowerPoint, you have Apple Keynote.

Apple Keynote has been around for many years now as the Apple alternative to the widely popular PowerPoint. This presentation app comes preloaded on any Mac device, and it is completely free to use.

But still, many Apple users decide to download PowerPoint and use that instead, despite the cost and complexity.

This article will dive deeper into Keynote, the pros and cons, and how it compares to other options on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keynote used for?

Keynote is Apple's answer to PowerPoint. It allows Apple users to create stunning presentations for school, work projects, or even just for fun!

Where are Keynote presentations stored?

Within the Keynote folder on your iCloud. The iCloud folder stores your presentations so you can use them across all your iOS devices.

Are Keynote Presentations similar to PowerPoint?

Keynote presentations are almost identical to PowerPoint presentations, aside from a few performance improvements and setbacks and some hidden categories you wouldn't expect if you tend to use PowerPoint.

Can I use Keynote on a PC?

Yes, it is possible to run Apple Keynote on a Windows computer. This was not the case when the Keynote presentations app was first created. However, allowing Keynote on Windows computers is one of the important tools Apple used to build its awareness.

Originally it was only available on Mac OS, the iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone, and now Windows computers.

Can I download Keynote from the Mac App Store?

If you are using an Apple device, then Keynote will already be pre-installed on your devices, such as iPad, iPhone, or laptop.

Is Keynote free for Apple?

Yes, Keynote is completely free to use and is an excellent alternative for presenting compared to Google Slides or PowerPoint.

What is Keynote?

Keynote is Apple's answer to PowerPoint. It allows Apple users to create stunning presentations for school, work projects, or even just for fun!

With the powerful tools and exciting effect Keynote offers, it is easy to build memorable and eye-catching presentations across any Apple device. You can use the Apple Pencil to draw illustrations or diagrams within Keynote, and it also offers real-time collaboration, so your team can work on projects together, regardless of what device they are using.

Keynote is an excellent tool for building an impressive presentation. An easy-to-use, intuitive interface ensures important features are easy to access as part of an interactive experience, and data can easily be added to any slideshow, including charts and diagrams.

Keynote vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

For a long time now, when you are asked to complete a presentation, you choose PowerPoint. However, Keynote has started to gain plenty of popularity with Apple users. Each has its own pros and cons to consider.



  • User-friendly

  • Eye-catching slides

  • Easy to tweak

  • Drag and drop

  • Presenter-friendly


  • Overgeneralization of topics

  • Costly subscription

  • Harder to use collaboratively from remote locations



  • User-friendly

  • Theme options

  • Position-ready

  • Multimedia-friendly

  • Magic Move

  • Straightforward preview

  • Product integration

  • Transparency effects


  • Exclusivity

  • Time-consuming

How to use Keynote on your iPhone

To start a new Keynote project, tap on the app icon. From here, click "Create Presentation," which is a + symbol in the top-right corner, and pick a theme. Once you have begun your new project, double-tap the boxes to add information.

To add more slides, press the + symbol in the blue box in the bottom left-hand corner. You can drag slides into a new order by holding them and moving them in the left-hand pane.

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