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How-to: Make the Perfect Presentation Collage

May 09, 2022

Your creativity levels will increase ten-fold whenever you add a photo collage to a presentation! A presentation that is full of all the images you can squeeze into your photo collage will help make your PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation go to the next level.

This article will discuss how adding photos, images, and pictures to a collage on Google Slides or PowerPoint can help improve your presentation.

Let's dive right in!

When Would You Use a Photo Collage Picture Layout?

Making a presentation with your friends

When you create a presentation with your friends, a presentation collage can be an excellent way to get creative and show off the photos that matter to you.

Whether it is on Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides, adding one picture or image per slide can result in a very long presentation. However, if you add multiple pictures, images, and photos to a slide using a collage, you can greatly reduce how many slides you use and keep all of your favorite pictures visible.

Creating a work photo collage

You might have been asked to create a collage of images from a recent work event, or perhaps you need to create a PowerPoint presentation as part of your job. Either way, adding photos in a collage is a great layout option for your next work PowerPoint presentation.

Use photoshop to edit your photos perfectly, and then create a collage in PowerPoint and insert your chosen images or videos into each slide

Showing off all the pictures from your time at university

A photo collage is an excellent way to show off highlights from your time at university. You have the power to play around with different layouts, focus certain slides on particular moments, and customize your collage until you are happy with it.

A collage is an excellent, creative way to make your memories of a moment visible and keep them saved in a folder online forever, similar to a digital scrapbook.

Benefits of Adding a Photo Collage to PowerPoint presentations

Attractive collages make presentations look professional.

With any presentation you create, you want to make sure that it looks good. One of the most important aspects of any good-looking presentation is the use of images correctly. One great way to do this is with a photo collage.

A photo collage is sure to improve almost any PowerPoint presentation.

It helps you include all the images you want without the presentation being too long.

Sometimes, when you have a lot to say, it is hard to include all the information you want to in your slides. You might try and insert different layouts in an attempt to fill each slide with content without creating slides that your audience will find hard to digest.

A photo collage is a cool format you can use to add more imagery, resize each image, and create excellent visuals for your audience to digest.

Photo collages offer a modern design, full of your own images on each PowerPoint slide.

Finally, a photo collage provides you with a great option to add plenty of quality images to your PowerPoint. Organize them in the order and shape you want, and watch as your PowerPoint slides come to life before your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a picture layout for photo collages for PowerPoint presentations?

While PowerPoint templates do offer some support for photo collages, the best option for a professional-looking presentation is to utilize a free presentation template via a Simple Slides account.

What presentation tool should I use on my Mac?

If you are operating on an Apple device, you have three different presentation tools to choose from. For starters, you could create a PowerPoint presentation on PowerPoint from Microsoft Corporation.

Or you could add pictures, photos, imagery, or videos to a slide on Apple Keynote, which should be pre-installed on your device.

Or your final option is Google Slides, which is excellent, or writing presentations collaboratively as all of the information is stored online, and you can see other colleges as they add imagery to your blank slide.

Where can I find good photo collage templates?

Right here! You can download photo collage templates for free with your Simple Slides free three-day trial.

What is a Photo Collage?

A photo collage is a series of pictures, images, or photos that you have collated together into one creative layout. It is an excellent way to insert many different photos without creating too many slides.

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