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How to See Word Count on Google Slides in 2 Ways

May 11, 2023

Do you want to know where to see the word count in Google Slides?

When you want to set a limit for your presentation, you need to keep track of your word count on your Google Slides. 

In this article, we will discuss the following:

Convert Your Presentation Into a TXT File and Use a Word Counter

To see the word count in the Google Slides presentation, do the following:

  1. Click "Google Apps" on Google Chrome and select Google Slides.

    Open your Google Chrome and click Google Apps button and select Google Slides
  2. Open an existing slide presentation.

    From your Google Slides tab, select an existing presentation.
  3. Go to the File tab and click Download from the drop-down menu. Then select Plain text (.txt) file.

    Go to File menu bar and click "Download," then select "Plain text (.txt file)
  4. Open the TXT file, then press Ctrl + A & Ctrl + C.

    Copy all the text from the notepad
  5. Go to the Word Counter website, and press Ctrl + V to paste your words in the text box.

    Go to Word counter and paste it
  6. The site will show the word count of your presentation.

    At the top of your text box, Word Counter display word count including the number of its characters.

Paste the Text File Into Google Docs

Another way to check word count in Google Slide is to paste the text file into Google Docs. To do that, perform the following steps:

  1. Once you copy all the text, open a new tab and go to Google Docs

    Open Google Docs
  2. Select a blank document.

    Select a blank document from your Google Docs tab
  3. Then, paste the copied text into Google Docs.

    Paste your word in the document
  4. Go to Tools and click Word Count from the drop-down menu.

    Go to Tools and select Word count
  5. The Word Count window will display how many words, characters, and pages your Google Slides presentation has.

    You accurate word count will display in the Word count window

Quick Tip: Press Ctrl + Shift + C to display word count.

Final Thoughts on How to Check Word Count in Google Slides

Following the two methods above, you can easily check the word count for your Google Slides presentations. Using both methods, you can also review the number of characters in your slides.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Word Count in Google Slides

What shortcut keys show the word count in Google Docs?

The keyboard shortcut to check the word count in Google Docs are Ctrl + Shift + C.

Is there an add-on app in Google Workspace Marketplace to count words in Google Slides?

Sadly, no add-on app can check the word count in Google Slides.

What is the best size for a Google Slides presentation?

Your Google Slides presentations should have a 16:9 aspect ratio to provide significant room for your text and visuals.

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