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Polish Your Presentation Skills: 6 Strategies for Impactful Communication

Apr 04, 2023

Do you want to improve your presentation skills?

Today, we'll teach you how to master delivering an effective business presentation!

In this blog post, we will go through the following tips:

  • Spend time preparing

  • Be clear and concise

  • Practice using visual aids

  • Keep eye contact

  • Create structured presentations

  • Speak with confidence

6 Effective Methods for Overcoming Presentation Anxiety

presentation skills

According to some research, approximately 75% of the US population is affected by the fear of public speaking or glossophobia. So, even experienced speakers or presenters can feel nervous when presenting to a group. However, John Powell said, "Communication works for those who work at it."

By developing your skills in providing an excellent presentation, you'll start to feel confident when speaking in front of an audience.

1. Spend time preparing.


One of the reasons why people fear public speaking is because they're inadequately prepared. Remember that practice makes perfect. So, before the actual event, go through the presentation and pretend you're already speaking in front of an audience. Doing so will calm your nerves and help you develop confidence. 

The following are some key things you can achieve by practicing good presentation skills:

  1. Clear presentation notes

  2. Confident speaking 

  3. Better body language

2. Be clear and concise.

Strong presentation skills require a clear and concise speaking voice. If your voice is soft and you're mumbling in front of many people, your stage presence will be weak. 

So, try reading your presentation out loud, but naturally. This way, you can learn how to keep your audience engaged. After all, they'll understand every word from your mouth.

"Speak clearly, if you speak at all. Carve all the words before you let them fall." Oliver Wendell Holmes.

3. Practice using visual aids.

Use visual aids

Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners? So, if you want your message to be clear, practice using visual aids for your presentations. Use graphics, charts, and slides - anything that will captivate your audience. However, avoid exaggerating things (because your audience can be distracted and overwhelmed if your presentation has too many images, videos, or even logos.

If you struggle to create visually appealing slides, check out Simple Slides' customizable presentation templates

4. Keep eye contact.

Maintain eye contact

Improving your presentation skills will require you to maintain eye contact and establish a connection with your audience. If you keep glancing and facing your slide, your audience members can feel uninvited. On the other hand, keeping eye contact will make your audience feel you're speaking to them personally. Consequently, they will listen and have an easier time understanding your presentation.

5. Create structured presentations.

Keep your presentation organized with a solid introduction, body, and conclusion. You can even ask questions related to your topic and administer group activities. This approach helps you build engagement with your audience.

Moreover, creating structured presentations lets you understand when to add a little humor, become serious, and use hand gestures.

"No words were ever as effective as a rightly timed pause" - Mark Twain.

6. Speak with confidence.

Be confident

Building your confidence as a speaker can be quite challenging. However, here's one tip that can significantly improve your presentation skills: 

Fake it till you make it.

By projecting self-confidence, you eventually convince yourself that you can achieve your goals. 

You can also boost your confidence by wearing comfortable clothes, being mindful of your body language, and being passionate about developing your presentation skills.

Remember that gaining confidence is a constant process that gets simpler with practice.

Final Thoughts on Building Presentation Skills

Developing and refining your presentation abilities can help you boost your self-confidence in a corporate meeting or a classroom.

To get more presentation tips, keep following the Simple Slides blog. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch free presentation tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions about Delivering a Successful Presentation:

Are presentation skills essential in our lives?

Strong presentation skills can be vital, especially in sales pitches, networking events, and job interviews.

Why should I know my audience members?

Knowing your audience helps you prepare a personalized presentation. Your audience will become more engaged when they feel you're speaking directly to them.

When to ask questions in a presentation?

It is always best to ask questions at the beginning or end of each topic in your presentation. This way, you can evaluate your audience's attention and knowledge.

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