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Funny PowerPoint Topics

Mar 02, 2023

Do you want to make your PowerPoint night more exciting and entertaining?

Prepare as we lay down a list of funny PowerPoint topics for your next virtual get-together!

In this article, we will walk through the following:

  • PowerPoint night ideas
  • PowerPoint games Ideas.
  • Final thoughts on funny PowerPoint topics.

Funny PowerPoint Topics.

PowerPoint night has been the new Friday night for all Gen Z since 2020. Let's start by listing several funny topics you should try on your next night in!

PowerPoint night ideas:

  1. Dress up as one of the Shrek characters.

As Donkey says in the movie, "This'll be fun. We'll stay up late, swapping manly stories.. in the morning… I'm making waffles!" let everyone dress up as one of the characters from far away land and make your Friday night a fun role-playing evening. You could even include a Shrek-based quiz.

  1. What does Taylor Swift's song describe everybody?

Suppose everyone in your friend group is a Swiftie! Make PowerPoint party night into a sing-along night featuring everyone as one of the Taylor Swift eras and slay for you can be someone's "Wildest Dreams" or Just be "Me!"

  1. Cast your Friends as Dog breeds.

If your circle of friends is fur parents, insert a picture of them in your PowerPoint in a dog's body with their face on it. It is sure to bring a laugh from your friends!

  1. Do you want to be a Disney Princess?

Get an experience of a Disney-themed PowerPoint night. Make your dream come true and become a Disney Princess on your next PowerPoint night. Perhaps you want to be "Ariel" or "Belle" as you find Prince Charming wearing a night and shining armor on a castle.

PowerPoint Games Ideas:

  1. Play the "Who knows me better" Trivia game.

It will always be a fun PowerPoint night with trivia games. If you have two or more of your friend group in the call, play the "Who knows me better." game and hear their responses to your most obscure questions.

  1. Play "Charades."

Charades is one of the most common PowerPoint night games, where all you need to do is prepare some word cards related to your PowerPoint presentation. Guess what zodiac sign best describes your friends, and offer the winner a prize.

Final Thoughts About Funny PowerPoint Topics

Suppose you're organizing your group's next PowerPoint night and want your friends to have an excellent time.

Now you have all the ideas to make a great PowerPoint night for you and your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions on Funny PowerPoint Topics:

Why should I consider making a funny PowerPoint topic?

By utilizing and creating PowerPoint night ideas in your presentation, you can attract your audience to have the following:

  • Engage and participate in your activities,

  • Relax and have fun during your presentation.

  • Allows energy boost.

  • It allows connecting with other friends.

How can I make a tremendously funny PowerPoint topic for my presentation?

The key to creating funny PowerPoint topics in your presentation is by planning it ahead of time and executing what should be the flow of your PowerPoint slides.

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