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How to Set Microsoft PowerPoint Themes in 4 Easy Steps

Jan 31, 2023

Does your PowerPoint presentation look dull?

Fear not!

This article will show you how to set Microsoft PowerPoint themes to your slide and the benefits of using the best PowerPoint templates.

Professional PowerPoint themes can give you a good starting point for your slides. It is a perfect solution for every student, teacher, and business professional starting from scratch.


What Exactly Is A PowerPoint Theme?

Microsoft PowerPoint themes are predesigned presentation templates with fonts, colors, layouts, and effects applied to your slides. Especially both text and graphics directly have a format on the size, placements, and colorful design by a particular theme, which saves you some time doing the manual work.

How to Apply Microsoft PowerPoint themes.

Suppose you don't have any themes set to your classroom or business presentations, follow these simple steps;

  1. Open your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

    Open your Microsoft PowerPoint app
  2. Go to the "Design" tab,

    Click the "Design" tab.
  3. Click the "up & down" arrow button.

    Click the "Up & Down" arrow button beside the "Colors," "Fonts," and "Effects" sections.
  4. Select a specific PowerPoint theme that suits your proposal.

    Choose your preferred PowerPoint theme

Customize a Personal Microsoft PowerPoint Theme

To make a personalized PowerPoint theme, you can start by modifying and personalizing a built-in Microsoft Office theme. To begin with, follow the instruction above then;

To custom theme color for your PowerPoint templates;

  1. Click the "View" tab, click "Slide Master," and select "Colors."

    After you select your PowerPoint template, go to "View" tab, and select "Slide Master."
  2. After you click "Colors," select "Create New Theme Colors."

    The "Slide Master" tab will appear, navigate and click "Colors," and select "Create New Theme Colors."
  3. A dialog box will open; In the "Theme colors" section, select a specific name of the "theme colors you want to edit, then choose a color under it.

    In the "Theme colors," change the different options that you want to display in your PowerPoint theme.
  4. In the "Name" box, type any name of that new combination you created and click "Save."

    After you edit the colors on your Microsoft PowerPoint templates, came up with a file name and click save.

After you save the personalized color scheme, it is available on the "Color" drop-down menu.

Once you save your customized color scheme, I should eventually be display on the "Colors" drop-down menu.

Note: You can also change the "Color" by selecting "More Colors," then clicking the "Standard" tab and choosing a color. In the "Custom" tab, type a color formula number for your desired color. To modify all the theme color components, repeat the process.

To change the theme fonts.

In changing your PowerPoint theme fonts, you need to;

  1. Go to the "View" tab, and click "Slide Master."

    Select View then click "Slide Master."
  2. Select "Fonts,"

    Click "Fonts"
  3. After you click "Fonts," navigate and select "Create New Theme Fonts."

    Look at the bottom part of the drop-down menu of "Fonts," and select "Create New Theme Fonts."
  4. A dialog box for "Create New Theme Fonts" will appear. Navigate for "Heading font" and "Body font." Choose a particular font design you want to display in your presentation deck.

     In the dialog box for "Create New Theme Fonts," select your preferred fonts for your PowerPoint theme.
  5. In the "Name" box, type a name for that new theme font and click "Save."

    In the "Name" box input a suitable name for your new presentation theme and click "Save."

Select your theme effects.

Theme effects in the PowerPoint templates consist of reflection, lines, fills, shadows, and many more. Even though you can't create a new set of theme effects, you can select a set of effects that perfectly works for your presentation.

  1. On the "View" tab, select "Slide Master."

    In the "View" tab, click "Slide Master."
  2. In the "Slide Master" tab, navigate and click "Effects."

    In the "Slide Master" tab, look and select "Effects."
  3. Choose a set of effects you want to apply to your PowerPoint template.

    Select your preferred set of effects you want to apply in your PowerPoint theme.

Save your customized Microsoft PowerPoint theme.

After you make changes to a built-in theme in a PowerPoint slide, you should save it so you can easily apply it to your other PowerPoint presentations by;

  1. Click the "View" tab in your PowerPoint presentation.

    Click the "View" tab.
  2. Select "Slide Master."

    Click "Slide Master."
  3. Select "Themes,"

    Click "Themes,"
  4. In the "Themes" section, navigate and select "Save current Theme."

    In the "Themes" drop-down menu, navigate and click "Save Current Theme."
  5. Click Save on the "File name" box after giving the theme a proper name.

    After you set a suitable theme name in your PowerPoint template, simply click "Save."

Note: The altered theme is automatically added to the list of custom themes on the Design tab in the Themes group and stored as a thmx file in the Document Themes folder on your local computer.

The Benefits of Using a PowerPoint Template.

Think twice if you're still using blank title PowerPoint presentations when you can have a head-start by utilizing some free templates (online) that provide convincing presentations and are visually appealing to your audience and potential investors.

Here are the following reason why it is essential to use a premium template;

  1. Professional Graphic Layouts

  2. Business Branding

  3. Time efficient

  4. Easily editing

  5. Consistency

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I look for the best free PowerPoint templates?

You can effortlessly search for it from Google; however, at some point, you will be overwhelmed by the many choices that Google Slides themes could offer. To wrap things out.

Sign up and get free templates and ppt themes access on our site, where you experience one of our premium Microsoft PowerPoint templates for Business presentations, professional PowerPoint templates, and ppt templates.

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What are the typical PowerPoint themes used for Business presentations?

Some free PowerPoint templates and themes are available in Simple Slides.

  1. Business proposals PowerPoint Templates.

  2. Company Profile PowerPoint templates.

  3. Annual Report PowerPoint templates.

  4. Education PowerPoint templates.

  5. Marketing analysis PowerPoint templates.

  6. Professional PowerPoint templates.

You can easily download and use different variations of different layouts for your PowerPoint templates in just a few clicks.

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