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9-Box Talent Matrix PowerPoint Template

Reviewing your staff's performance can be tricky. In a fast-paced work environment, it can be very tricky to stop and assess where your team currently thrives, and where there might be gaps in their knowledge or skill talent management can be a tricky thing.

That is, until now. Now you have found Simple Slides 9-Box talent matrix PowerPoint slides, your talent management skills will go to all new heights.

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Simply download the PowerPoint template that best suits your needs, fill in the 9-box grid with information on your employees, and you will quickly notice your team's strengths and weaknesses.

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What's Inside the 9-Box Talent Matrix Template?

Details | 2 templates (3D and flat) with 13 slides each

Category | Strategy, HR, Matrix, Grid

Supported Versions | PowerPoint 2017, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, Office 365, Google Slides, Keynote

Tags | Talent, Employee, Growth, Performance, Human Resources, Employee Review

9-Box Talent Matrix 3D
9-Box Talent Matrix Flat

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What is a 9-Box Talent Matrix Template?

A 9-box talent matrix is a commonly used talent management tool that splits employees into nine separate groups. These groups are based on their potential and current performance.

What are the Benefits of Using a 9-Box Talent Matrix Template?

It is Excellent for HR Managers to identify employee potential.

When reviewing employee potential, it can be tricky to see where some employees thrive and others fall short.

However, by using a clear ranking system like a 9-box talent matrix PowerPoint, HR departments can clearly review and identify employee potential and help include them in business projects that they will almost certainly succeed in.

They are fully customizable.

The Simple Slides 9-box talent matrix templates are fully editable, so you can add the right information for your slides.

Simply download your favorite template, and then input your employee's information to determine gaps in the companies skillset.


They help display where a team is strong and evaluate where a team needs more work.

A 9-box talent matrix is a fantastic way to show where your employees are strong and where your employees may need to improve their performance.

It is an excellent way to conduct a review of your current business before identifying what type of employee you might want to hire next.

Frequently Asked Questions About 9-Box Talent Matrix PowerPoint Templates

What are the 9-Box Talent Matrix talent categories?

The 9-box is made up of three different categories of performance. Low performance, moderate performance, and high performance.

On the other axis, the 9-box grid measures potential. Low potential, moderate potential, and high potential.

9 Box Talent Categorize
Infographics displaying a shot needle, pills and a cannister for medicine.

Where can I find excellent 9-Box Talent Matrix PowerPoint Templates?

Right here! Simple Slides offer a range of 9-box talent matrix template for you to try out on google slides or Microsoft presentation.

Is it easy to create a 9-box talent matrix?

While the concept of a 9-box talent matrix is simple and has many benefits, it can be tricky to create one that looks professional and stands out within an organization review.

When you are evaluating performance, trying to identify areas of employee growth and improvement, you want to make sure that information is as clear as possible.

of times. If you use a confusing diagram in your PowerPoint Presentation, you can be sure you'll lose your audience's attention.

These PowerPoint slides are built with medical professionals with different colors and themes that help your PowerPoint presentation standout.

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