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How to Use Laser Pointer in Google Slides in 6 Quick Steps

May 18, 2023

Do you want to learn how to use the laser pointer in Google Slides?

There's an ongoing debate about the benefits of laser pointers in presentations. However, if you're someone who finds it useful, then this article is for you.

In this blog post, we will discuss the following:

  • Use the built-in laser pointer in Google Slides

  • Benefits of using a laser pointer in Google Slides presentations

  • Frequently asked questions about the built-in laser pointer on Google Slides

Use the Built-In Laser Pointer in Google Slides

To use the laser pointer tool on your presentation in Google Slides, you need to:

  1. Click the "Google Apps" button on Chrome and select "Slides."

    Click the Google Apps button and select "Slides."
  2. Click an existing presentation on Google Slides.

    Select an existing slide from your deck.
  3. Once your presentation opens, click "Slideshow" at the top-right corner.

    At the upper-right corner of your Google Slides presentation, click the "Slideshow" button.
  4. Once your slides are on full-screen mode, go to the lower-left corner and click the three-dots icon.

    Go to the lower-left corner of your presentation and select the three-dots options.
  5. Select the "Turn on the laser pointer" option from the context menu.

    When a pop-up menu appears, click the "Turn on the laser pointer" to use your mouse as a pointer.
  6. Once your mouse cursor turns red, it becomes the pointer for your Google Slides presentation.

    When your cursor turns into red, you have enabled the built-in laser pointer mouse arrow feature on Google Slides

Benefits of Using a Laser Pointer in Google Slides Presentations

Here are the advantages of using the built-in laser pointer feature of Google Slides presentation:

  • It lets you highlight and track the key points on their Google Slides.

  • It allows people to follow the flow of your presentation easily.

  • It helps you in switching from the current slide to the next.

  • It assists you in boosting your presentation's engagement.

Final Thoughts on How to Use the Laser Pointer Feature in Your Google Slides

The six quick and easy steps we shared should help you create an engaging and interactive Google Slides presentation

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Built-in Laser Pointer on Google Slides:

Is there an add-on for laser pointers in Google Slides?

There are no other laser pointer add-on tools for Google Slides. So, if you want to use a pointer for your Google Slides presentation, use the built-in feature.

What are the keyboard shortcut keys in enabling full-screen view presentations?

To enable a full-screen view presentation on Google Slides, press Ctrl + F5.

Is there a shortcut key for accessing the laser pointer in the Google Slides presentation?

Press Ctrl + F5 to enable Slideshow, then press L once you're on the full-screen view for your presentation.

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