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How To Write a Thesis Statement and Examples

Jul 29, 2022

Are you interested in learning how to write a thesis statement?

Depending on your course of study, a thesis statement can be vital to your success in school. However, the process of writing a thesis statement can be tricky.

We will provide a well-detailed explanation of what a thesis statement entails and how you can write a great one. We will also provide some thesis statement examples.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement serves as a summary of an essay or paper. It gives the reader an idea of your topic and the work you have done on it.

Though it can be easily mistaken for the topic sentence because they serve a similar purpose, their placement is the major difference between them. The thesis statement is usually placed at the end of the introductory paragraph while the topic sentence comes first.

What Makes a Great Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement consists of several elements. However, the first thing you need to keep in mind is brevity. Try to make your points in as few words as possible.

Additionally, you should ensure that your thesis statement is something that can be argued on or analyzed. It shouldn't be a random fact.

Finally, a good thesis statement should correspond with the remainder of your essay or paper. Ensure that you are ready to break down your claim and have sufficient evidence to back it.

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Types of Thesis Statements

As we mentioned, your thesis statement and the remainder of your paper should be coherent. Hence, the type of essay or paper you are writing will determine your thesis statement. Here are the three major types of thesis statements:

Explanatory Thesis Statement

Also known as an expository thesis statement, this type of thesis statement is centered on facts. You are not expected to include your opinions or any claim that isn't backed by evidence. Focus on giving a clear explanation of the topic and highlighting your essay's main talking points.

For example, "footballers in Europe have rigorous careers that require them to play in multiple tournaments, nurse injuries, and spend little time with their families."

Argumentative Thesis Statement

As its name suggests, an argumentative essay requires you to argue on a topic. You have to take a stance logically and back it up with evidence to convince your reader.

Hence, an argumentative essay thesis statement is different from an explanatory thesis statement because you will have to share your opinions. For example, "the drinking age in the United States should be 18 since eighteen-year-olds are considered to be old enough to vote."

Analytical Thesis Statement

The goal of analytical essays or papers is to give the reader well-detailed information on something. When writing an analytical thesis statement, you are required to break down a topic, idea, or problem. You start by introducing the topic and then analyzing the various aspects of your analysis.

For example, "The warden's decision to give books to the inmates led to an improvement in their lives. They became more enlightened, calmer, and more introspective."

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How To Write a Thesis Statement

You need to write your thesis statement carefully if you want to get the best results. Take your time and ensure your content is well-researched. You should also ensure that you can properly cover the points you mention in the body of your essay or paper.

Follow these steps to write a strong thesis statement:

  1. Ask a Question

The first step to writing a strong thesis statement is to develop an initial thesis. Also known as the working thesis, your initial thesis should be a question about your topic. This will provide a direction and structure for your essay.

For instance, your initial thesis can be "Has the internet done more harm than good to teenagers?"

  1. Answer It

Do some research to find an answer to your initial thesis. It doesn't have to be complicated, but it should help your writing and research.

"The internet has had a positive effect on the lives of teenagers."

  1. Build on Your Answer

This is the time to elaborate on your answer and try to convince the reader. Do additional research to add more details to your thesis statement.

"The internet has done more good than harm to teenagers because it connects them to the world and brings information to their fingertips."

  1. Polish It

When writing your final thesis statement, you should remember the various elements that make a strong thesis statement. Remember to keep it short, contentious, and coherent with the rest of your write-up.

To avoid having a weak thesis statement, ensure it isn't just about your stance on the topic. It should also give the reader an idea of what's in the remainder of your write-up and reflect the wider context of your main idea.

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Final Thoughts

Thesis statements are an essential part of academic writing. They should come at the end of the first paragraph and not be more than one or two sentences long.

Depending on the quality of your thesis statement, it can make or break your essay. We believe this article will give you all you need to write a solid thesis statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How do I start my thesis statement?

The best way to start your thesis statement is to ask yourself an initial question about the topic "working thesis" and answer it.

  1.  What are the three parts of a thesis statement?

The three parts of a thesis statement include the topic, your stance, and the different aspects of your essay or paper.

  1.  Why do I need a thesis statement?

Your thesis statement will give the reader a summary of your essay and provide a structure and direction for your writing.

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