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Insert SmartArt PowerPoint Graphics in 5 Easy Steps

graphics powerpoint smartart Mar 01, 2023

Do you need to add a visually appealing diagram and chart to your PowerPoint presentation?

Here, we will teach you how to use SmartArt Graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint and turn your bullet points into stunning diagrams!

In this article, we will walk through the following:

  • How to insert SmartArt graphics.

  • How to input text to your SmartArt graphic.

  • How to customize your SmartArt graphics.

  • How to convert existing bullet Points to a SmartArt graphic.


Learn How to Insert SmartArt PowerPoint in 5 Easy Steps.

Insert SmartArt graphics.

To insert a SmartArt graphic in your PowerPoint presentation, you need to;

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.

    Open a PowerPoint presentation
  2. In your PowerPoint presentation, click the "Insert" tab.

    Then, select "Insert" tab
  3. Navigate and select the "SmartArt" button.

    After you click the "Insert" tab, look and choose "SmartArt" icon.
  4. Select a group in the option under SmartArt Graphic.

    Select an option in the Group of SmartArt graphic.
  5. After you select a category in SmartArt, click a specific graphic you want to use in your presentation. A preview for your SmartArt Graphic will appear at the right corner of the dialog box, then click "Ok."

    Then, select a particular graphic you want to use.

Note: You can also directly insert SmartArt graphics by clicking the SmartArt icon on the layout of your presentation.

In the layout on your PowerPoint presentation, you can directly click the "SmartArt" icon to create a SmartArt graphic

Input Text to Your SmartArt Graphic.

To insert text to your SmartArt Graphic, you can either use the text pane or use the graphic itself by;

  1. Click on the SmartArt graphic, then select a particular text pane in your SmartArt graphic.

    Select the PowerPoint SmartArt graphic, then click a particular text pane
  2. A dialog box for your text box will appear. Select a specific section and type the text you want to put in the text pane.

    Choose a particular section in the dialog box on your left and type the text you want to input in your SmartArt graphic
  3. You have now input a text into your SmartArt graphic.

    Once, you finish putting a text to each section, you have now input a text into your SmartArt graphic

Customize Your SmartArt Graphics.

Add shape to your SmartArt PowerPoint.

If you want to add another shape to your SmartArt graphic, you need to;

  1. In your existing PowerPoint presentation, select the entire SmartArt graphic.

    Choose again the PowerPoint SmartArt graphic
  2. Look for the "SmartArt tool" pane and select the "Design" tab.

    Navigate for "SmartArt Tool," and select "Design" tab
  3. Select the shape where you want to insert a new shape in your SmartArt graphic, then navigate to "Create graphic group."

    Select a shape in your SmartArt, and look for "create graphic group"
  4. Select "Add Shape," a drop-down arrow will open, and select from the options where you want to insert the new shape in your SmartArt. We chose "Add Shape Before." in our example below.

    Click "Add shape" then select a command to where you want to insert a new shape.
  5. Your new shape will now appear in your PowerPoint presentation.

    Once, you select a command your new shape will directly appear in your SmartArt graphic.

Delete an unused shape or text pane in your SmartArt.

  1. Select the unused SmartArt in the graphic.

    If your want to delete a shape, just simply select the unused Shape in your PowerPoint SmartArt.
  2. Press "delete" or "backspace" on your keyboard to delete the unused text box and graphics.

    press "backspace" or "delete on your keyboard to delete the unused text pane.

Change the Colors of Your PowerPoint SmartArt.

  1. Select the same SmartArt graphic you want to change colors.

    If you want to change the color of your SmartArt graphic

  2. Navigate for "SmartArt Tools" and select the SmartArt "Design" tab.

    Look for "SmartArt tools" and click the SmartArt "Design" tab
  3. In the "SmartArt Styles" group, click "Change colors" and select a specific color for your SmartArt in the drop-down arrow pane.

    Click the "Change color" and look and choose a particular color in the drop-down arrow

Note: PowerPoint will directly set the theme colors for your SmartArt graphic once you insert a SmartArt.

Change the SmartArt Style in Your PowerPoint.

  1. Go to the "Design" tab on your PowerPoint SmartArt and look for the "SmartArt Styles" group.

    Go to "Design" tab, and look for "SmartArt Styles" group
  2. Select the particular "SmartArt style" you want for your diagram.

    Click a specific "SmartArt Style" in your diagram.

Change the Shape Effects of Your SmartArt Diagram.

  1. Select the entire SmartArt graphic in your PowerPoint presentation.

    If you want to change the shape effects in your diagram, select the specific "SmartArt" graphic
  2. In the "SmartArt Tool" tab, select the "Format" tab,

    Click the "Format" tab under the SmartArt tool.
  3. Navigate and click "Shape Effects," a drop-down arrow will open, then choose the "Bevel" option.

    In the Shape Effects, click the "Bevel" option.
  4. A drop-down arrow will open, and select an effect you want to effect in your shape.

    then choose a particular effect under "Bevel"
  5. The specific effects will directly show after you click it.

    After you select an effect, it will directly shows in your PPT.

Note: You can also choose an individual shape to customize them separately.

Change SmartArt Layouts.

To customize your SmartArt layout in your PowerPoint, you should;

  1. Select the SmartArt graphic in your presentation,

    Select again the SmartArt graphic.
  2. Click the "Design" tab under the "SmartArt Tools."

    select the SmartArt "Design" tab, under SmartArt tool.
  3. Look for the "Layouts" section and choose a particular layout.

    Under the Layout section, select a particular layout for your Graphic
  4. Your new layout will appear once you click it.

    Your new layout will appear once you select it.

Convert Existing Bullet Points to a SmartArt Graphic.

Suppose you want to turn a bulleted list into a SmartArt diagram. All you need to do is:

  1. Highlight or select the bullet lists you wish to convert to SmartArt graphic

    Highlight the bullet points in your PowerPoint
  2. In the "Home" tab, navigate and click the "Convert to SmartArt" button

    Then Navigate for the "convert to SmartArt" icon, in the Home tab.
  3. Choose a SmartArt style for your bullet list.

    Choose a graphic style for your bulleted points.
  4. Once your SmartArt diagram appears on your slide, you can drag and resize it.

    Once, your SmartArt graphic appear in your PowerPoint Slide.

Final Thoughts about How to Insert SmartArt PowerPoint Graphics.

Now you are an expert on how to insert SmartArt PowerPoint graphics!

If you need a SmartArt graphics diagram for your business reports or any visual representation in your PowerPoint to convey your ideas and information, follow the five quick steps above.

If you want more pre-design graphics and infographics for your PowerPoint presentation, visit Simple Slides, and follow us on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Insert SmartArt PowerPoint Graphics:

How can I rearrange my SmartArt organization chart?

  1. Select the individual SmartArt graphic in your PowerPoint.

  2. Click your presentation's "Design" tab and look for the "Create Graphic" group.

  3. To move the individual shape into a higher position, click the "Promote" section.

  4. Your shape will now move to a higher position in your organization chart.

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