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Fun and Creative PowerPoint Night Ideas

powerpoint night ideas powerpoint party Jul 07, 2021
The newest TikTok trend are PowerPoint Parties. Here are tips for PowerPoint Night Ideas.

Starting with Tiger King in March of 2020, the pandemic has set the foundation for new trends, fads and inside jokes. Many of these jokes have either started or spread through TikTok.

As big of PowerPoint fans as we are, not even we could forecast the popular presentation software taking Gen-Z by storm.

What is a PowerPoint Party?

- a PowerPoint party is an event that's hosted for friends to share presentations they've made.

- presentations can be about anything, from personal interests, hobbies or stories of adventures you've had.

- PowerPoints should last between one and three minutes in length. The preferred way to watch them is on your phone with the presenter narrating it as if they are talking to their audience at home.

How did PowerPoint Parties Get Popular?

- PowerPoint parties started as a way to... stave off boredom. The pandemic forced people to get creative and creating presentations in jest is remaining popular despite the pandemic nearing its end. 

- However, PowerPoint and other presentation software can be restrictive in that the presenter needs access to PowerPoints created on their computer. This is where PowerPoint Parties have really taken off because of social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook Live and even TikTok (a video sharing app) which enable people to easily share those PowerPoints they've made with others.

PowerPoint Night Ideas for Friends

- PowerPoint night ideas for groups of friends typically involve PowerPoints that are created by the group. An example might be PowerPoint presentations about The Best (fill in the blank). You can argue about the best Harry Potter book, character from The Wire, or Bar in your city. This creates fun discussion among friends that touches beyond the surface. 

- If you're not a big fan of PowerPoints, PowerPoint Parties can still work well as an alternative to other party games such as charades or trivia.

- If there is only one presenter and many people in your audience then it's important that they know how to use their computer so they can all see what's on screen.

- Integrate visuals into your PowerPoint presentation - this will engage listeners more readily because they'll have something visual to focus on rather than just words. 

Required Tools for PowerPoint Night

If you are hosting the event virtually, you can use Zoom or Google Hangouts as you would a business presentation. 

For those doing in-person PowerPoint night, you will want to have an HDMI chord to connect your laptop to a larger screen, a projector to display the presentation on a large wall, or ChromeCast to sync up to your television without any chord. 

And of course, for all your presentation needs, you can use Simple Slides for access to 10,000+ themes, icons, slides and infographics!

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