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Stage-Gate Process Template for PowerPoint

The stage-gate process is an excellent project management technique. It allows a project team to review its work throughout a project lifecycle and decide if it is to be continued or halted.

This way, companies guarantee project success, minimize project risk, and save resources. The stage gate methodology is particularly suitable for product development projects.

At Simple Slides, we have designed professional phase gate process templates for your project management process. You can customize the templates to suit your company and project's needs from the starting point to the launch phase.

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Why You Should Use a Stage-Gate Process Template

Here are some benefits of using a phase gate process template for your software development:

  • It helps to minimize risks

  • It boosts collaboration between cross-functional teams

  • It offers flexibility

  • It allows continuous project assessment

  • It guarantees efficient resource management

What's Inside the Stage-Gate Process Templates?

Details | 2 templates

Category | Decision Tree, Interior Node, Random Forest, Diagrams, Business

Supported Versions | PowerPoint 2017, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, Office 365, Google Slides, Keynote

Tags | Decision Making, Genealogy, Probability, Problem Solving, Hierarchy, Org Chart, Multi-level

Stage-Gate Process Template 1
Stage-Gate Process Template 2
Stage-Gate Process Template 3

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Stage-Gate Process Template

Medical infographics displaying a cross, heart, DNA and suitcase.

What is a stage-gate process template?

A phase-gate process template is a presentation template that breaks down a project into different stages and gates to guarantee its success. A project doesn't move into the next stage until its viability has been reassessed.

Are Simple Slides stage-gate templates compatible with PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides?

Our stage-gate process templates work perfectly on all presentation apps. So, you can use them as Apple Keynote, Google Slides, or PowerPoint templates.

Infographics displaying a shot needle, pills and a cannister for medicine.
These PowerPoint slides are built with medical professionals with different colors and themes that help your PowerPoint presentation standout.

How much does a phase-gate process template cost?

You can get a free phase-gate process template by taking advantage our 3-day free trial.

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