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Medical Infographics

Medical PowerPoint Bundle

One of our most popular infographic packages, the medical infographics are designed to be fully customizable and adaptable to any professional presentation within the healthcare sector. Share data with colleagues using our medical-style templates. Perfectly styled for presentations within the healthcare industry.

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What's Inside the Medical Bundle?

Details | 16 Slides

Category | Medical, Medicine, Healthcare

Supported Versions | PowerPoint 2017, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, Office 365, Google Slides, Keynote

Tags | Needle, DNA, Health, Pill, Bottle, Doctor

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Medical Infographics, Slides and Templates for PowerPoint Presentations | Healthy Communication Makes a Difference

Medical infographics displaying a cross, heart, DNA and suitcase.

The medical field is a profession that takes pride in providing accurate and helpful information to patients, families and stakeholders. While those on the outside of the medical sphere think of healthcare as simply the relationship between a patient and provider, those in the field understand how much goes into making sure that interaction is a positive one.

The provider and patient relationship is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthcare. Medical professionals know the importance of presenting clear and concise information, which is why researchers, lecturers, executives, administrators and coordinators often rely on medical infographics, slides, and templates for PowerPoint presentations and lectures. 

Why Use Templates for Medical Presentations?

- Templates can help you create an instant visual that will give your presentation a professional look and feel.

- Using templates for medical presentations is also way quicker than creating them from scratch.

- Dynamic presentations make your content memorable. This is even more important in the healthcare field as it have a tangible impact on the lives of people.

Infographics displaying a shot needle, pills and a cannister for medicine.
These PowerPoint slides are built with medical professionals with different colors and themes that help your PowerPoint presentation standout.

What Should You Include on Your Medical Infographics?

- The most important part of any infographic should be the title! Make sure it's clear what type of message your infographics will present by giving it a concise yet catchy title (e.g., "Cancer Symptoms") - this includes noting whether or not you would like the information in text form or through images alone.

- Text, charts and graphs to back up data points with a strong visual representation.

- Relevant images that help illustrate your key messages (e.g., diagrams of how breast cancer spreads).

- Links to additional content on the topic at the end of your infographics - this should be related material you would want viewers to explore next so make sure it's appropriate!

What Kind of Professionals Can Use Medical Slide Templates?

Medical professionals of all sorts can use medical infographics, slides and templates for PowerPoint presentations.

  • Doctors: Creating reports on the health of their unit
  • Researchers: A new vaccine or biological discovery needs to be properly communicated to companies, colleagues and the media.
  • Pharmaceutical Reps: Medical slides and infographics can be a powerful way for pharmaceutical reps to educate doctors about the benefits of their product.
  • Students: Medical students in need of high quality images or diagrams may find these templates to be an excellent resource."
  • Dentists: Dentists who are looking for more information on oral health also benefit from using this template, as it is filled with useful dental related charts and graphics that they will refer back to again and again."
  • Veterinarians: Veterinarians often use PowerPoint presentations when talking about animal behavior. Veterinary professionals should have access to these resources so they're able-to prepare engaging slide shows quickly.

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