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Iceberg Infographics 2


The iceberg metaphor has been used for centuries, with many sources claiming the phrase was coined by Sigmund Freud as part of his psychoanalysis.

However, since then, the metaphor has been taken and adapted, and it is now used for many different examples.

An iceberg infographic is a fantastic way to help your information stand out in a presentation. It provides your audience with a clear visual cue to focus on while you delve into the details behind the iceberg in more detail.

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However, with so many different uses in the modern-day era, it is almost impossible to simply copy a previously used iceberg infographic, as it will almost certainly not fit your presentation.

That is where our Iceberg Infographics come in. Each infographic is completely editable, giving you full autonomy over the content you include on each slide. With so many different variations available, this template bundle is the only one you need for your presentation.

Why waste time copying incorrect iceberg infographics or trying to design one yourself? Download our Iceberg infographic bundle today, and take your presentation to the next level.

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What's Inside the Iceberg Infographics 2 template?

Details | 10 Slides

Category | Infographics, Diagram, Iceberg

Supported Versions | PowerPoint 2017, PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013, Office 365, Google Slides, Keynote

Tags | Animated, Infographics, Data, Business, Diagram, Iceberg

Agile Iceberg
Digital Media Iceberg
Anatomy of a Brand Iceberg
Culture Branding Iceberg
Marketing Strategy Iceberg
Total Cost Approach Iceberg
Direct vs Indirect Cost of Injuries Iceberg
User Experience Iceberg
Behavioral Sales Iceberg
The Iceberg Illusion

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