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How to Upload Your PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube

powerpoint tips upload powerpoint to youtube Jul 09, 2021
Uploading your PowerPoint Presentation to YouTube is easy. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.

Many PowerPoint presentations are created with the intent to be seen in a large auditorium. PowerPoint is an amazing tool for presenting information on a computer screen, but what do you do when those presentations need to be seen by an audience of thousands? This article will show you how to upload PowerPoint slides onto YouTube and share them online.

Step One: PowerPoint to YouTube Uploader

- PowerPoint 2013 or later - PowerPoint 2007 and 2010

- Computer with internet access, preferably fast Wi-Fi connection

- Web browser that supports Flash (Firefox is recommended)

- Mouse or other pointing devices (touchpad/trackpad on laptop) for navigation.

* You can also use your iPad! **"Import PowerPoint" button in the top right corner of the "Web Browser Viewer." Select "YouTube HD 1080p".*** The video will play directly from your web browser without having to download it first. ***Click here for instructions on how to add videos from a computer onto an iPad app.**** Navigate by scrolling up and down using two fingers.

- Paste PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint to PowerPoint

- Change the file extension from .pptx to .ppsx

- Save and open PowerPoint.

* Upload, share, delete slides as desired.

* Click on File then Share; click on YouTube icon at top of screen (might need an account) and sign into YouTube with Google or Facebook credentials if you don't have one already.

* Once signed into your YouTube account choose "Upload" option and upload slide show for YouTube viewing pleasure!

- Choose video length - max is 15 minutes under current constraints but it can be edited later by editing settings in youTube interface).

You will see a bar counting down how long the video will be once uploaded: set to "max."

- Click on the Share button and click on YouTube icon.

* Name your PowerPoint file - PowerPoint Presentation Title (example)

* Choose a title for video: PowerPoint Tutorial Video or PowerPoint Showcase or PowerPoint Slide Share, etc.

- Upload to YouTube by clicking green upload button; once uploaded you will see it at top of screen under Recent Activity next to menu bar with name of the presentation in boldface type.

- Choose category: Enter a title for your PowerPoint video in the YouTube interface and then choose from one of these categories to categorize it.

* Education, Arts & Music

* Science & Technology

* Business

* Sports

* Entertainment\

- Check boxes next to "I have read and agree with" at bottom of page before clicking on Create Video option. You can edit this information later by going into YouTube settings > Channel Settings > Advanced Features tab. This will create an account after doing so. Your PowerPoint file name is automatically filled out as PowerPoint Presentation Title (example). The upload time may take up to 24 hours; if not available you can try again within 48 hours or contact their customer service.

Once you've uploaded your PowerPoint file, you can access it by going into YouTube and clicking on Video Manager > Uploaded. You'll see the PowerPoint video is automatically in this folder.

- If you want to edit a PowerPoint Presentation before uploading it:

* Open PowerPoint presentation with your desired content. * Select all contents of PowerPoint presentation (Ctrl + A) * Copy (Ctrl+C). Close PowerPoint document so that changes are saved. * Create new blank PowerPoint document - called "PowerPoint Blank" for example name; create content as needed from scratch or start over again using past version up until present date if preferred. Paste contents copied earlier inside of newly created blank presentation.(ctrl-V) From there, you can save these changes and upload PowerPoint as usual.

* Go to YouTube and Upload, PowerPoint Presentation option is available if PowerPoint has been copied into a blank presentation with the original content inside of it.

- When uploading PowerPoint presentations on YouTube, make sure you have not inserted any additional videos or audio in your PowerPoint slide show because these will be included automatically when uploaded onto YouTube Video Manager > Uploaded folder for video uploads. You can view them by going to Videos section under My Channel. If there are two different versions of the same "PowerPoint Blank" file, then only one version will be used and whichever was last updated will be selected - so keep this in mind before saving important changes!

With work going remote for so many people, it's important to understand how to scale your work like you would when you were going into the office all the time. Hopefully, this is a guide to getting you started!

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